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Thai Smile Massage

Our Thai Massage therapists offer a range of quality massage, authentic Thai Massage treatment for both men and women.

Our aim is to restore the body’s natural balance and well-being through skilled, therapeutic Thai Massage and Treatments.

Gift Vouchers

Available for you to share with your friends and your special one.

If you looking for something special and different for a special occasion.

Thai Smile Beauty

Beauty imperfections reflect internal deficiencies.

At Thai Smile Massage & Beauty we are dedicated to researching and selecting the very best, most natural and highly competent formulations in skin care products for your entire well-being and pleasure.

Couples Thai Massage

Our couples massage is extremely popular and you can also choose to have your massage in the same room if you prefer.

It is a perfect way for you and your partner to enjoy a romantic time together.

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Thai Traditional Massage

The body has a need for movement which can be stifled in our sedentary, technology inspired lifestyle.

Prices start from $89

Thai Relaxing Massage

Thai Relaxing Massage is a lighter style of massage treatment, designed to soothe the emotions, condition the skin and loosen tight or tired muscles.

Prices start from $89

Thai Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment is an invigorating Thai deep tissue massage that focuses on areas of the body that are particularly stressed or painful.

Prices start from $89

Thai Sport Massage

Regain your freedom of movement. Sports Massage is ideal for professional and amateur athletes or anyone living with joint, muscle or tendon pain.

Prices start from $89


Thai Smile Massage & Beauty
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Get started by booking for massage and beauty appointment now

(07) 3844 3863

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The Art Of Traditional Thai Massage